Lab grown Alexandrite

Lab grown alexandrite history

Today, our company is the only owner of unique technologies and developments for the growing of alexandrite, in the world. Only in our laboratories it is possible to create crystals completely identical to natural stones.

The alexandrite grown by us having a pronounced reverse - a unique characteristic of alexandrite to change color from blue-green in daylight to red-violet and crimson in artificial light. Looking away from these delightful gems is simply not possible!

TAIRUS GEMS company presents a modern analogue of alexandrite. Our stones are indistinguishable from natural stones; they have 100% similar chemical and physical characteristics! We carry out cutting of any shape and any size, we work with individual orders. The jewelry insert made of alexandrite is unique, the stone contains dozens of shades, and the "alexandrite effect" will delight everyone around Уou!

Incarnate your jewelry dreams with TAIRUS GEMS!

Alexandrite characteristics

Cut lab grown alexandrites