The company "TAIRUS" was founded on the basis of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Institute of geology and mineralogy named of academician V.S.Sobolev. Since 1989 year, scientists are working on the development and preservation of unique technologies for the creation of hydrothermal stones. At the origins of these technologies were young scientists Oleg Holdeyev, Victor Thomas, Dmitry and Ivan Fursenko. Nineteen years ago, the company "TAIRUS" began to grow precious stones for the jewelry industry. The technology was based on the hydrothermal method invented earlier in the Academic town (the crystals grow at a certain temperature and pressure). The grown crystals were destined for the defense industry, and could also be used in eye microsurgery. The main application of these stones was and remains the jewelry industry. Growing crystals in "TAIRUS" by their characteristics practically do not differ from natural ones and have no analogues among synthetic crystals, which was proved by numerous independent examinations conducted by the famous gemological laboratories of the world. Unique in the world, the company "TAIRUS" grows aquamarine (a transparent variety of beryl), receives crystals of corundum and multi-colored sapphires in hydrothermal conditions (close to natural). In "TAIRUS" are developed the unique methods of cultivation of the Colombian emerald and blue sapphire.
At the moment, the company "TAIRUS" remains the only major producer of hydrothermal stones. The main crystals: emeralds, sapphires, rubies and much more. Due to our own production, we have a permanent warehouse of goods of various thicknesses and degrees of overcrowding, ready to supply raw materials to the any requirements of customer. The warehouse in Russia with more than 300 kg. More than 40 scientists daily working in production, ensuring the high quality of our raw materials. Also, there is a constant work on the creation of new stones, for example, there are developments on the cultivation of opal and carundum.
Own border production and warehouse of the faceted goods allow us to give the minimum terms for the execution of the customer's order, the average time for one order is 10 days from the moment of the order's approval. We make delivery to any country according to customers' requirements.