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TAIRUS GEMS is the largest producer of lab grown
gemstones in the world

In our laboratories we grow the most valuable jewelry stones, which are identical in their performance to natural stones.
Touch the luxury of precious stones with us!
30 years on the market
Our company has been operating in the global market since 1989
Own production
Direct sales from the manufacturer without intermediaries
Own cutting workshop
Individual cutting of all shapes and sizes under the order of the client
Innovative technologies
We grow stones using unique technologies developed by employees of the Novosibirsk scientific campus
International quality standards
Modern production, scientific base, highly qualified staff, strict quality control of finished gemstones
Reliability and reputation
TAIRUS GEMS is a regular participant of international jewelry exhibitions. Our gemstones are used in many jewelry collections of world brands

Gemstones of TAIRUS GEMS

Why our customers choose TAIRUS GEMS

100% natural stones
Lab Grown Gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gemstones
Available luxury
Lab created diamonds offer excellent value, and are slightly more affordable than natural gemstones of comparable size and quality
Caring for the environment
We do not harm our Planet
Lifetime Quality Assurance
Certificate from the manufacturer with each stone
Taking orders 7 days a week
Individual approach to every customer
Worldwide shipping
"door-to-door" delivery
In our store you can purchase such lab grown gems as:
Zambian Emerald, Colombian Emerald,
Alexandrite, Ruby and Sapphire

Frequently asked questions

What is a grown stone? In what are its differences from natural?
Lab Grown stones are stones grown in the laboratory with the observance of all the necessary rules and regulations, due to which the mineral completely repeats the features of natural crystals.

The structure of the grown stone is so identical to the natural prototype that it may even contain inclusions and defects characteristic of the natural mineral - such a structure is achieved by special control over the growth stages.

Hydrothermal minerals are not inferior in quality to natural crystals, and it does often surpass them, because they have greater brightness and purity in compare with natural analogues. Also for the chemical, physical and optical properties, the stones grown are absolutely identical to natural stones.

The main difference between a lab grown stone and a natural stone - is the cost of the stone.
Will I be able to distinguish a TAIRUS GEMS stone from a natural stone myself?
It is impossible to distinguish by eye the lab grown stone TAIRUS GEMS from the natural. Our gemstones have exactly the same properties as natural stones; in terms of their physical, chemical and optical characteristics, the stones are exactly the same.

In addition, a hydrothermal stone can be both with and without inclusions, which makes it 100% identical to natural stone.

Today, one of the most common and available methods for testing stones - is the Chelsea filter method. When testing emerald crystals TAIRUS GEMS, the Chelsea filter recognizes the crystal of TAIRUS GEMS as identical to the natural Colombian emerald.

The only way to distinguish the TAIRUS GEMS stones from natural stones is to conduct an expensive spectral analysis in a specialized laboratory.

You can familiarize with certificates of our stones in the section on the website. "Certificates" . We presented an expert opinion of one of the largest international laboratories IGI.
Are these lab grown stones TAIRUS GEMS same durable?
TAIRUS GEMS lab grown stone has the same hardness as natural stone. In addition, this mineral is resistant to high temperatures and acids. Over time, it does not change the color and transparency!

When you purchase TAIRUS GEMS stones, our company issues a certificate of origin for the stone, as well as all our customers receive a lifetime warranty on the stones from the manufacturer.
Lab Grown stones TAIRUS GEMS 100% analog or imitation? How not to get confused?
How does a rose smelling, which is grown in a greenhouse? How beautiful are its delicate petals? When you give to your lovers' flowers - do you think that they are grown?

This analogy can make and with TAIRUS GEMS stones. Our stones are cultivated in a similar way - natural ingredients taken from the environment are placed in a special vessel in which all conditions are created, as in the bowels of the earth's crust - high temperature and pressure. And over time, crystals begin to grow, which are absolutely identical to natural ones. After their cut, you get beautiful TAIRUS GEMS

Do not confuse lab grown stones TAIRUS GEMS with imitations, which are now too many on the market: glass, nano-sital, zirconium cube and more others. They are only make imitation the external characteristics of the stone with varying degrees of proximity, but are not 100% analogous to natural stone.
Is there any savings when buying lab grown stones TAIRUS GEMS?
The difference in price between lab grown stones TAIRUS GEMS and natural stones with the same characteristics can be enormous, especially for large stones of good quality. For alexandrite, which is very rare in nature, the difference can reach $ 100,000. Other stones on average are at least in 5-10 times cheaper, depending on the size, shape and quality of the precious stone.
How to find out the cost of lab grown stones TAIRUS GEMS?
On the website TAIRUS GEMS does not contain information on the cost of gemstones, since the total cost of a stone will depend on its carat weight. Please fill out the application form and our specialist of the sales department will contact you to discuss the details of the order. During the discussion, a commercial offer will be made for you, from which you will receive complete information on the gemstones you are interested in.
How to place an order for TAIRUS GEMS products?
To place an order you can fill in the application form on the website or contact your regional representative by going to the "Contacts " tab. Also, for your convenience, we have an online chat on the website that can quickly answer all your questions.

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