Why lab grown emeralds isn`t synthetic

In recent years, synthetic and hydrothermal loose gemstones have become very popular. Many buyers mistakenly equate these categories of inserts to each other and are often confused with a fake of glass and plastic. But this is fundamentally wrong: the hydrothermal stone is a real analog. Grown in the laboratory, it demonstrates all the properties of natural stone: color, gloss, structure, hardness, transparency. And, if the artificial stone is only an imitation of the precious, the lab created analog is a complete repetition, albeit less valuable and cheaper.

The basis for the hydrothermal mineral is always natural raw materials. The raw material is placed in the solution together with other constituents: aluminum and beryllium oxides, silica and chromium, and then sent to an autoclave, where the development of the crystal occurs under the influence of high pressure (700-1400 atmospheres) and temperature (up to 1000 ° C). The chemical properties of hydrothermal stones and natural ones are identical, visually they are also very similar. The difference can be seen only with careful research under a large zoom.

Hydrothermal stones often surpass the natural in quality: they are brighter and clean. That's why lab created jewelry stones are recognized all over the world and are in great demand.