Lab grown emerald TAIRUS GEMS
Since 1989, TAIRUS GEMS has been the world leader in the production of lab grown emeralds. We grow our stones from natural raw materials and get 100% analogue of natural emerald, which cannot be distinguished with the naked eye even by a specialist.

In terms of their composition and physicochemical properties, our emeralds are exactly the same as natural stones. TAIRUS GEMS emeralds have a rich color and high purity, what is rare for natural emeralds.

The only difference is a significant difference in price, which will pleasantly surprise all connoisseurs of emeralds. For all TAIRUS GEMS stones, you can get a certificate and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!
Lab grown emerald TAIRUS GEMS
Zambian color emerald
The most recognizable product of the company TAIRUS GEMS, which you can find in many collections of the largest jewelry companies in the world. The bright, rich color of emerald is highly valued by jewelry designers. And the TAIRUS GEMS emerald, crafted into a product, due to its purity, looks even better than the natural one.
Colombian color emerald
Colombian color Emerald - our premium product! This emerald has a rich green color with a bluish tinge, which is the distinctive feature of emeralds mined in Colombia!

In the stone there are growth lines, veils, blotches - they make this emerald unique and inimitable! The high quality of these stones is confirmed by many certificates of international laboratories such as IGI, GIA, and the leading gemologists of the world admire the Colombian color emerald TAIRUS GEMS! Do not miss the opportunity to make yourself luxurious present!
Emeralds Characteristics
Lab grown Emeralds