Questions and answers

What is a hydrothermal stone? What are its differences from natural?
Hydrothermal stones are stones grown in laboratory conditions with observance of all necessary norms and rules, thanks to which the mineral completely repeats the features of natural crystals.
Hydrothermal minerals are not inferior in quality to natural crystals and even very often exceed them - they have great big brightness and purity. Also, by chemical, physical and optical properties hydrothermal stones are absolutely identical to natural stones. The main difference between hydrothermal stone and natural stone - is the cost of stone. Crystal grown in this manner emerald is a full analog of natural stone. The process of its growing takes about 4 weeks, and as a seed, beryl is used. Hydrothermal stone has the same hardness as natural, but it is more durable. This can be explained by the fact that in the lab created emerald there are no cracks that would contribute to its destruction.. Besides, such a mineral is resistant to high temperatures and acids.
Does TAIRUS company really have its own production? Or just a dealer?
Our company since 1989 is engaged in the production of hydrothermal stones. The production building is located in the city of Novosibirsk, on the basis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the total production area and scientific laboratories is 5000 m2. At the moment, more than 40 scientists working in the production, who are daily controlling the production, are ensuring the high quality of our raw materials. Besides, our employees constantly conduct complex, expensive experiments to explore new opportunities. So the company TAIRUS is the only one who can produce tourmaline Paraibu.
How to make order for products to TAIRUS company?
To place an order, You can fill out the contact form on the website or contact your regional manager by going to the "Contacts" tab.
Will I be able to tell the TAIRUS stone from natural stone?
It is almost impossible to distinguish a hydrothermal stone from natural just by eye. Hydrothermal stone has exactly the same properties as natural. Besides, the hydrothermal stone can be both with inclusions and without it, which makes it absolutely identical to the natural one. To get a conclusion on the stone, it is necessary to apply to a specialized laboratory. You can see and learn the certificates for our stones.
What kind of stones can be bought in TAIRUS company?
Emeralds: Traditional and Colombian color, Alexandrite, Ruby and Sapphire, also grown aquamarines and beryls of other colors.